Steckdose is a web-based build management tool (prototype) that tries to stay focused on builds, logs and versions, instead of incorporating actual build logic and dependencies into the management tool(s). It was born out of the frustrating observation that many projects move more and more of their actual build logic into systems like Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.. As great as they are, writing scripts in webforms instead of your favorite editor(s), setting up dependencies between build steps and projects online, unportably tied to one system, instead of the build tools those are actually built with, seems counterintuitive and less flexible.

Steckdose, although not necessarily trying to be minimal as it's currently a rails-application, is an experiment trying to offer web-based build management without creating an environment that slowly becomes a hard requirement for one's project's build, by simply doing less. It also forces you to keep dependency logic, and all kinds of other things needed for a build, where it should be: in your makefiles, edited by your favorite tools, namely the ones you choose to use.